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Services & PROGRAMS

Magnolia Restorative Care and Wellness offers a variety of services to ensure that you are working towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself


Holistic Consultation

The most unique aspect of care at Magnolia is the relationship built between you as the patient and our healthcare team. Our individualized holistic approach to care allows you to not feel rushed, unheard, or pressured into treatment protocols. Dr. Jay, FNP uses this approach to ensure she gets to know your unique situation and get to the root-causes of your symptoms.


Weight Management

We understand that there are many causes for weight gain and many barriers to weight management. Contrary to the other clinics that offer weight loss services, Magnolia focuses on individuality. We work along side you as you create and conquer your weight goals while restoring your

self-image and confidence. This is done with an individualized nutrition and workout plan along with potential specialty labs, or nutritional supplementation.


Specialty Lab Testing

Specialty testing provides an in-depth look into the inner workings of your many intertwined body systems which can help to diagnose and guide the treatment of previously unexplained symptoms. Each person's body is a unique and complex system made of individualized genetics and biochemistry. Because of this, isolated routine lab testing only scratches the surface of chronic vague symptoms.

We are not accepting new patients at this time, current patients please book below


Question: Will insurance cover my services?

Answer: At this time Magnolia does not accept medical insurance. Medical insurance dictates your healthcare via very limiting policy coverage details. At Magnolia we choose not to limit your care options or consultation time. For all services, payment is required to be paid in full at the time of your visit. A superbill can be provided at your request for you to personally submit it to your insurance for possible/partial reimbursement. (Basic labs are often covered by insurance)

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