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Here at Magnolia Restorative Care and Wellness we seek to ensure that you are a participan

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Herbal Medicine

About Us

Rejoining nature, holistic healthcare, and nutrition

Magnolia Restorative Care and Wellness specializes in holistic care and prioritizes your journey to restore the damaging effects of life today.

We all need support on our journeys and Magnolia desires to be your supporting team. From weight management to individualized holistic care, your concerns will be heard and addressed with compassion and understanding. 

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Contact Us

Magnolia Restorative Care and Wellness

Tel: 225-410-2369


Business Hours: 

Weekdays: 4:00pm-8:00pm

Saturdays: 09:00am-1:00pm

Virtual Consultations


Although we are not accepting new patients at this time, please sign up to be the first to hear about specials, events, and new patient acceptance.

See you soon! - Dr. Jay, FNP

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